Zinn Mediation Associates - Finding Peaceful Alternatives
191 University, #178
Denver, CO 80206
Phone: 303-526-2202
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Mediators Beyond Borders



Gaining confidence, by learning and practicing specific skills, makes it possible to deal with difficulties. Avoiding conflicts complicates and escalates stressful situations. We promote taking positive actions to manage relationships and circumstances.

We educate, advocate for and promote effective conflict engagement. We collaborate with other professionals to find appropriate methods to apply in various conflicts. We are committed to increasing the number of people who understand the benefits of working with the “other” to find long-lasting solutions.

Toward this end, we have created the unique Talking It Out: Getting to Agreement story and photo exhibit to educate the public about collaborative methods that benefit all parties. Using the exhibit as a springboard, we continually work with individuals and groups to create comprehensive and customized educational opportunities for organizations in communities across the state. The exhibit is available to venues at no cost.

Additionally, Zinn Mediation Associates is a major supporter of Conflict Resolution Month in Colorado. We work with many other individuals and groups to inspire constructive problem solving. Every October, a variety of activities are offered in Colorado. Through these efforts, perhaps Colorado will be the most civil state in the union. You are invited to join the campaign and learn more.