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Zinn Mediation Associates


Training, Facilitation, Conflict Coaching, Workshops, Dynamic Discussions (Circles of Conversation) and Madame Solutions


Individuals, Organizations, Agencies and Communities
Schools or Educational Organizations
Workplace Concerns and Disputes
Family Challenges
Cultural Conflicts
Complexities of the Elderly
Neighborhood Issues
Homeowners Associations

And more...


Zinn Mediation Associates trains individuals and groups in the use of practical skills that enable them to negotiate through the challenges of disputes to achieve the best results.  We teach skills that help you to:

     •  Clarify and clearly state your issues
     •  Find the true problem
     •  De-escalate the confrontation
     •  Use effective language
     •  Examine and evaluate possibilities
     •  Compromise without losing
     •  Get results that will work for you


Zinn Mediation Associates guides small and large group dynamics.  Our professionals are highly skilled in monitoring and managing groups dealing with:

     •  Old and new issues
     •  Difficult personalities
     •  Option assessment
     •  Change in situation, organization or relationship
     •  Contradictory perspectives
     •  Problems that just “won’t go away”
     •  Finding agreement
     •  Planning for future successes

"You did a fabulous job of keeping us on task and assuring that we met the goals we set out to accomplish.  The results of this meeting will have a long-term positive impact on The Conflict Center ... we appreciated the "value added" services that you - and you alone - could and did provide to our group."  Ron Ludwig, Executive Director, The Conflict Center

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Conflict Coaching
Conflicts can be complex and dynamic.  In fact, our actions and our language have predictable impacts on inflaming or reducing the negative energy of conflicts. 
Happily, there are many strategies available to address challenging situations.  Unfortunately, people are generally unaware that there are so many, varied choices.  Conflict Coaching offers you skills that empower you to use thoughtful decision making to your advantage.  How do you deal with the difficult people?  How do you create useful options? 
Zinn Mediation Associates has more than twenty years experience in teaching and in coaching people about successful ways to approach and manage conflicts.   We offer very practical ideas, specifically tailored to your situation.  Here are a few you can try today ...
Strategies for managing conflict:
  • Keep your voice low and slow
  • Find out what the problem actually is, no assumptions
  • Take time to vent with a trusted friend who will honor confidentiality rather than broadcast or get in the middle
  • Cool off before trying to resolve problems
  • And so much more ...

Remember to give us a call the next time you are feeling stuck. 

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Presenting Workshops

Mary Zinn will present at the  ACR National Conference in Minneapolis MN
October 9-11.  She will join a panel of experts from various states to discuss -
Promoting ADR: Models of State Support.

Colorado presenters include: Senator Linda Newell, Michael Maday and Mary Zinn

Presentation description: Are you dismayed that ADR isn’t utilized to its full potential? Come learn approaches to expanded state support for ADR. Conflict Resolution Month in Colorado is observed statewide through a great variety of activities and events, as well as proclamations by the Governor, legislature and local governments, helping practitioners put ADR practices in Colorado legislation and increasing public awareness. Stakeholders in Minnesota came together just this year to get their legislature to create a State Office of Collaboration and Dispute Resolution. Texas has a fellows program for policy makers to get introduced to the benefits of using ADR for state and local government. They then assist government agencies in finding appropriate uses of alternative dispute resolution for their needs. We want to share our innovation so that you can do the same in your state.

Thursday October 17  --  Can We Talk?: A Community Dialogue about the Death Penalty in Colorado
5 - 8:30 PM at Regis University; Public is encouraged to participate in small group discussions focused on sharing differing perspectives respectfully.  $10.00, dinner included.  Registration details coming soon.  Sponsored by Zinn Mediation Associates, The Interfaith Alliance of Colorado and Institute for the Common Good at Regis University.

Thursday October 24, Mary Zinn will present a talk for the American Association of Women in Community Colleges (AAWCC)  6-8 PM.  The presentation will address Conflict Resolution in a higher education setting. She will talk about leadership and give some examples and training on how to handle conflict. She will discuss the exhibit "Talking It Out: Getting to Agreement" highlighting how community members resolved conflict creatively.

Workshop participants say...

“Informative, great dialogue sessions”
“The teacher was great and I learned more about anger than I already knew.”
“I liked Mary very much, she’s smart, makes you feel important and comfortable.”

Click here for Conflict Resolution Month in Colorado Events

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Dynamic Dialogues

Circles of Conversation is a community conversation model used by Zinn Mediation Associates to create inviting, insightful and organized conversations about current and potentially divisive issues. Carefully selected questions are designed to enable civil conversation on a critical issue among persons who wish to hear from and share with others who may have different opinions. 

The Goals of Circles of Conversation Events are to:
Have significant conversations on substantive issues.
Hear and digest ideas that are different from our own.
Consider together issues that matter in our lives.
Enhance our abilities to talk and think more deeply about the critical issues we face.

Whether for a general audience or for a community of neighborhood, workplace or congregation, attendees with varying views are encouraged to join actively in the discussion. Emphasis is placed on the process of having productive conversations by sharing views and listening with intention. The point is not to decide the right answer to the issue; rather it is to gain insights from others about our differences and similarities. This model is productive in managing changes in organizations by addressing concerns directly and moving ahead with a common understanding of challenges, benefits and strategies. 

Participant’s comment:

I thoroughly enjoyed the Circles of Conversation.  I would love to see it used in "communities of discord" and also in families.  Sometimes it is so hard to hear what another person is saying until the real essence of the issue and the solution, if there is one, is lost in the crossfire.  Thank you for you leadership in this area of vital importance.   Zenzal Carr, September 2008

Sample Events:

July 16, 2007: Immigration Issues, held at Daniels Foundation, Denver
August 11, 2008: My Part in This Democracy in an Election Year, held at Regis University, Denver

Zinn Mediation Associates is available to facilitate Circles of Conversation for your team or community.

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Madame Solutions

Madame Solutions is now available for public appearances. Our eccentric and hilarious problem solver will help you forget the troubling part of your problems! Conflict is a real adventure when Madame Solutions is in the room. More information 303-526-2202.

Madame Solutions

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